Welcome to the web home of MeckFUTURE. You can learn more about us, and connect with us, using the links to the right. MeckFUTURE supports leaving the tax rate unchanged and responding positively to the school board’s funding request.

There has been some confusion in recent days about MeckFUTURE’s funding. MeckFUTURE is a grassroots organization of families and supporters of public education throughout Mecklenburg County, and so far we have no grants or any other kind of funding. For the twelve weeks that we’ve been in existence, we’ve passed the hat amongst ourselves to pay for the few costs we’ve incurred. Most of our flyers, letters, and postcards have been printed on home printers.

Our initial mission has been laser-focused on advocating to county commissioners and state legislators to adequately fund our schools. Once the budgets have been voted upon, we look forward to going through the process of re-defining and formalizing the group, and we may indeed seek funding for the group at that point. MeckFUTURE is a unique network of families from many different kinds of schools all over the county. There is a great opportunity and a great need to build upon these relationships, and to use this network as a vehicle for engaging public school families in meaningful, constructive dialogue with each other, with other stakeholders, and with the school district in addressing the challenges and supporting the successes in our school system.

Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, the need to fight for school funding is far from over. The next couple of weeks are crucial. Here is an updated list of upcoming key dates:

June 1, 2, 3 – County commissioners straw voting on the budget. Government Center, Room 267. 5pm. Public is invited to observe but not speak. Please plan to attend, and make signs to bring. June 2 and 3 may be cancelled if the straw voting finishes on June 1.

June 7 – Final vote on the 2011-12 county budget.

The state budget process is in flux – not yet clear what those upcoming key dates will be. We’ll post more details as soon as we have them.

What you can do:

  • Sign our petition.
  • Organize letter-writing parties for your school community, neighborhood, faith community.
  • Contact your county commissioner and three at-large commissioners yourself.
  • Contact your state senators and state representatives.
  • Plan on attending the May 19 public hearing on the county budget. 
  • “Like” MeckFUTURE’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/MeckFUTURE/
  • Bookmark our website:  http://meckfuture.com/
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