About MeckFUTURE

MeckFUTURE is a diverse group of families connected to about 40 schools throughout the county who came together to rally for a cause we all believe in: adequate funding for our public schools. By using our voices and speaking up to our elected officials, we have been able to help create a better outcome.

We are grateful that our county commissioners adopted a budget that allowed CMS budget cuts to be reduced by $26 million dollars. While we lament the decrease in education funding on the state level, we realize that the cuts in the final state budget are less severe than in previous versions. Because CMS planned for an even higher level of reductions, there is now enough funding to save hundreds of educators’ jobs, avoid further increasing class size, and preserve programs that are increasing student achievement and narrowing the achievement gap.

Our schools will start the coming academic year with better staffing than was anticipated just a few months ago because we, as taxpayers and voters representing a cross-section of different neighborhoods, income levels, races and political parties, joined forces for the common good. This experience has shown us that the voice of the average citizen can be powerful and effective.

What is next for MeckFUTURE? How do we define our role going forward? We look forward to having thoughtful conversations about this both within our group and with the community. Stay tuned!

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