MeckFUTURE, Mecklenburg Families Uniting To Uphold and Rescue Education, was formed in response to the impending CMS 2011-12 budget cuts.  We are families and citizens who feel that the $100 million dollar cut proposed, when combined with$170 million dollars of cuts in the prior two years, will adversely affect the quality of education that our children receive in CMS.

These proposed cuts are the result of an 8.8% reduction in state funding and the loss of temporary Federal Recovery Act money. The county, however, has a unique opportunity this year to protect CMS from the worst of these cuts by using the property tax revaluation to supplement the CMS budget.  The county has significantly cut the CMS budget as well in the past two years and if they restore their funding, even to 2008 levels of $340 million, they could bring back 400 of the the propsed 600 teacher positions which are currently on the cutting block.

MeckFUTURE believes the importance of quality public education cannot be disputed. To ensure the best possible future for all CMS children, local public schools need adequate funding. Drastic, budget cuts will negatively affect children’s education, which in turn will negatively affect their futures.  The organization formed only in March when families spontaneously began meeting separately to talk about their concerns for the coming year. Those families then gathered together under the auspices of the Mecklenburg PTA council to discuss how to handle the crisis.

Our goal is to protect and support the promising progress CMS has shown in the last few years. Proficiency levels in all subjects have increased, the achievement gap is closing and more schools are showing Adequate Yearly Progress and growth as measured by the ABCs (Accountability, Basics and Local Control standard).

If you want the County to use the recent property tax revaluation to generate the additional revenue needed by the schools then join our efforts by writing, calling and meeting with your County Commissioner.  Come to the public hearing on May 19th at 6 pm at the Government Center to make your voice heard.  You can also find sample documents on our site that can help you host a letter writing party or send a letter.  There are postcards, fact sheets and budget breakdowns.  Be a part of the solution.


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