Downloadable documents (position papers, postcards, information, etc.) can be found here. Items will be posted as soon as they are available. Find an error in something? Email


4 Responses to Documents

  1. Stacey Ellis says:

    Thanks for the postcards! Will you also have the MeckFUTURE fact sheet on here soon?

    • Debbie Rubenstein says:

      We can work on that. What facts would you find most useful? We are gathering statistics every day but it would help us to know what stats you wish you knew.

  2. Todd says:

    Your campaign is misleading. Although you say you propose using the revaluation “to generate the additional revenue,” you are really calling for massive tax increases. The timing of the revaluation is just a coincidence. Why not just say we support a property tax increase with the additional revenue going to CMS? That would be far more honest.

    • meckfuture says:

      Todd, thanks for your comment. Our position is that we want the county commission to leave the tax rate where it is. That would “generate additional revenue” despite the fact that a third of residential property owners would get a “tax cut” (according to the Observer’s analysis, a third of single-family properties lost value). Whether you call the overall result a “tax increase” is debatable with credible arguments on both sides. John Hood of the conservative John Locke Foundation says it is not a tax increase ( We understand your point–and clearly many will agree with you–but have decided to side with John Hood on this.

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